Mythical Alpine A-110

This webpage describes the development and transformation of a 60's and 70's mythical car, the Alpine A-110, a car highly appreciated by all experts and collectors not only because of its repercussion in the world of sports cars but also because of the small number of cars produced.

The starting point of this project is a 1968 Spanish manufactured unit, an A-110 1100 cc that after this restoration will become the best sports version of the model assembled in France, the Alpine A-110, 1600-S Group 4.

A dream come true

My name is José Marcos Sabater. I am a car and motorcycle rider since 1963. During the '70s I participated in rallies in Catalunya and Spain where, competing with Renault, I achieved many victories in my category and the second place in my class driving a 1550 cc R-8 TS prototype.

The excitement of those days and the admiration I felt for Renault's emblematic model, the Alpine A-110 and more especially the 1600-S version –made only in France and in the hands of only a few privileged persons- created in me a sort of envy or jealousy that remained wit me for many years as an unreached goal.

Today, more than 40 years later and still with the same excitement and passion I decided to develop and build the most prestigious sports version of the Alpines of that time.

This personal challenge implies a long route of hard work and effort highly compensated first by the satisfaction of seeing the constant evolution of the project and later by the possibility of driving car. Driving the new A-110 is a pleasure and a joy for the senses.

My dedication to this project for more than two years has been very enriching. Searching and finding information, contacting with specialists, dealing with all the friends that have helped me, developing new pieces impossible to find and improving others thanks to the new technologies available… have made the whole project worth the great effort.

Now the moment has come to explain, share and make my experience public to all Alpine fans and car mechanics lovers who reading about the details of the transformation will be able to enjoy the evolution or the project. Out of the 6500 photographs we have taken during the process, we have selected 582 that you can see here. I hope you enjoy it.

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